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My Story...How I Got Here!

Several years ago, as I was trying to adjust to having an “Empty Nest” and all the “free” time that came with it, I realized I needed a hobby. My first thought was to dust off my sewing machine and begin making my own clothes like I did when I was MUCH younger. I bought the most beautiful materials and even took some sewing lessons to brush up on my skills.

After many failed attempts, I realized that sewing my own clothes when I was younger was much easier primarily because I didn’t have to contend with all the “curves” I had acquired over the years. Sewing was no longer going to be my “go to” hobby.

I have never liked clothes shopping. My “curvy” body is hard to fit and the whole shopping experience depresses me…not a great way to build my self confidence. But, I have always liked jewelry; necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc, especially because I don’t have to worry about how my jewelry “fits” my curvy body.

So, I decided to try my hand at making my own jewelry…A great way to fill my time and a great way to liven up my wardrobe, which consisted mostly of solid (slimming)colors. I started with simple designs and realized really fast that adding a colorful necklace with matching earrings was a great way to not only spice up my wardrobe, but the compliments I got from friends, co-workers, and even strangers was a great way to boost my confidence and self-image. No one was more surprised than me that I actually had a talent for designing and making jewelry! Selling the jewelry I made never occurred to me until one day when a co-worker asked me if my jewelry was for sale followed by, “Do you have a website?” Ummm, now that’s an idea!

BeadsGems&Jewels is the website I created (with a little help) to showcase the jewelry I’ve made and offer to you at a reasonable price, an opportunity to express your own unique individuality without having to say a single word. Thank you for visiting and happy exploring!

Feel free to comment below....what is YOUR story?

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